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Praveen Vemuluri

Nov 10th, 2019

I have completed the ABAP on HANA training. I take this opportunity to thank you heart fully for this beautiful training. I just feel like listening to you (of course I practice too ) always. I love the way you delivered it so neat, clean, crisp and yet covered more than what is required in the job.


Want to let you know that I also started working on CDS views, AMDP in S4 HANA BW environment in my current job. To be honest i have a boost up in my confidence while talking to someone on these topics.


Thank you once again and look forward to keep attending your training.


Dec 8th, 2019

Today i completed 16 videos and the Q&A session of ui5 and fiori training with gateway. I thank you heartily for your quality and content. Also your passion for teaching, focus on quality than quantity is so inspiring. Your passion for teaching, goodness is clearly evident from your videos, and i emphasize," your generosity with low fees and offering so much content for free. thank you very much".

I have understood most concepts till now, however i have to practice more, which i will. i hope to get back to you with some complex doubts. As of now, all the doubts i am able to solve by watching your videos over and over again, also some of your videos from youtube.


Sep 16, 2019

I would like to say that when fiori development started in my company I was hesitant to do the ui5 programming as I did not understand the syntax and concept what was going on in the front end as I started my career as an abap developer and used to only perform the odata related abap activities.

However after completing your course, I have understood the mvc, router, manifest and component complex concepts and able to analyse the Fiori app developed in our company. Also I am now getting confidence by working on new ui5 development pieces in our company. Thanks to your training Sir :)


26th july, 2019

First of all, I would like to thank you for being an amazing teacher/trainer. You are one of a kind!!!

I really like your teaching style, the way you constructed the course( the sequence of topics, start with simple and build up on it, connect and relate current topic to what we already learnt etc.), the pace of the course, some of the real life examples you refer to, of course your knowledge, and last but not least…your Passion.

I never had experience with JS, HTML, or any web development for that matter, so I tried to stay away from UI5 development for the longest possible time because I was always scared of it. I had bad experience with some trainers in the past on other courses and I was not really sure what to expect from you. But, I have made a very good decision by joining your course and not running away from it. 

Until few weeks ago, it was all Greek and Latin to me. Now, I have started practicing and building sample UI5 applications and hopefully I can build productive Fiori Apps in near future. I’m sure you’ll be my first choice if I want to learn anything you offer and going to refer you if any of my friends want to learn anything that you teach. I’m sure all trainees feel the same way and I appreciate for all what you are doing.

Subbu Natrajan, California

Nov 28th, 2019

Good Morning! This mail is to thank everything that you taught about UI5 between May25th-July 24th.You are the nicest,brightest trainer that I ever came across ,you are able to clear all the required fundamentals very clearly with best possible examples. Even though  I was able to take classes middle of my family vacation to India but couldn't practice it.However I started going through the recorded sessions  now and I feel like I'm able to grasp more after practicing it.I'll never forget these wonderful time and I'm sure its going to have lasting effect on my career.
Thank you once again will keep in touch for future classes.God bless you.

Utsav Gupta, Saint Louis

July 25th, 2019

Many thanks for your brilliant sessions throughout the course. It must have been the best training session I've had throughout my endeavor. Thank you for the inspiring talk and the wonderful workshop. I found this training very interesting and incredibly useful. It will be a great asset to me.Thank you once again for the most interesting and valuable workshop! I didn't only enjoy it but have tried to practice it. I felt lost in the midst of things and not sure what I was after. Now I feel more confident to do something. It's such a great feeling! 
I strongly recommend this course for each Technical Consultant.

Daniel Uh, Lusiana

April 22, 2019

Thank you Anubhav. I have to admit, I watched your demo session on UI5/Fiori on Youtube and i had to buy your course to learn more. Thank you for such a wonderful demo and looking forward to learn more through your video sessions.

Chandramouli Iyer, Chennai

March 28, 2019

I cleared the fiori certification exam without any dumps. I have seen your knowledge through the training videos and I am sure you can clear the exam with flying colors.
My training in Fiori stopped due to the certification prep. I have to restart the whole process again :(. The training is just great and very clear. 

Tharun, Delhi

Sep 17, 2019

I'm looking exactly a teacher like you.Actually I was taught by some other guy  who sought very fair amount from me ,but left me for nothing in the subject.He took 45 days for the course to teach ,& when I questioned myself regarding subject I got literally nothing.when I compared your classes with him ,O God believe me his are literally nothing.please  don't consider that I'm exaggerating,your explanation is simply MAJESTIC. 

Sonia, Mumbai

Nov 28th, 2019

Just wanted to thank you for teaching this UI5 course in such an easy and  great way.Must appreciate that you have a great teaching skills.Again thank you for making things so easy and available for us.i would love  to take other courses of your's in future and learn more things from you.

Jessica, Romania

Oct 31, 2019

Anubhav, thanks once again for excellent job you have done in building the ALV and what's more important explain it in a way so that a junior like me could understand it. Learning ABAP with you is easy :) The customer was impressed with the new look & feel of the report and even agreed to test earlier than she first agreed :)

Aman Verma, Delhi

Aug 22, 2019

I attended your 1st session for UI5 today and I must say it has been one of the best training sessions i have attended. I did had a decent overview of the basic HTML elements but the way you described even the minute things in details really made me go deeper in understanding. And the no copy no paste thing is really the best way to teach as you are doing, I am sure I am going to have a really good and enjoyable sessions in the coming days during this course. Thank you once again for this

Brian Ray, Germany

September 26, 2019

First, I want to tell you that you're doing  a very good job of teaching us UI5. Thank you very much. And again, you've doing an excellent job!

venkata Shivramana, Bangalore

Dec 15, 2019

Amazing workflow training.your teaching is really fantastic.many thanks
I'm becoming one of big fan of your instruction, and would like to have chance to learn from you as many as possible. 

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